Finally our Secret Paws prezies are ready to go to the P.O. tomorrow. Mom says it is really hard to accomplish anything with Astrid always glued to her lap. The remainder of us think she should just put Astrid on the floor and get on with her duties, but that tortie girl has Mom wrapped around her paw. She has used the tried-and-true tactic of purring and kneading to make Mom feel guilty whenever she wants to remove her. Pffft!

She unloaded Astrid long enough today to sneak in the guest room and wrap the goodies. She wouldn’t allow any of us to help. We have reputations for leaving claw and fang marks in wrapping paper and getting our furs stuck to the tape. We are sure most of you would agree, those are just the things that give a gift a special purrsonal touch. Besides that, it’s not as if we need to worry that the recipient might be allergic to some cat spit or fur! Our reasoning did not sway her, and so like all of you, we only get to see the photos.


secret paws

All the booty, including our homegrown catnip!


secret paws

A little something for the human.


secret paws

All wrapped up in Hello Kitty paper, of course!


At the completion of the project, the remnants of the packaging and the plastic bag that had stored the nip ended up in the kitchen. Several of us, including Lisbeth, discovered and took pleasure in exploring these treasures.


secret paws

Lisbeth gives the “trash” a thorough inspection.


secret paws

Lisbeth strikes a pose for the camera for her boyfriend Charles.


So that’s it for our 2014 Secret Paws report. We’ll be back tomorrow for a Doozy of a Snoozy Tuesday.

Thanks to all of you who purrticipated in our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop this week. We are still working on getting around to visit each of you. We hope you can find time during your busy holiday schedules to join us again next Sunday.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid (under protest), Lisbeth and Calista Jo