Caturday Art

I hope no one is tired of seeing our little guy, Sawyer. He does get lots more blog time while others sit in the background. Of course, all those Kitties Blue, except Cooper Murphy, have been here since the inception of The Cat on My Head. So, he does have some catching up to do. All this is to let you know that Sawyer is back again today for Caturday Art. And he is doing what he does best—snoozing.


Caturday Art


To create the art, I began with the “Light” filter in Painnt and changed a few of its basic settings. I used piZap to add the stars and Picasa for the rose-colored vignette and border.

I am not sharing the original photo this week. It is very dark and “muddy,” which is why I used it for today’s art.

Sawyer is joining the Caturday Art blog hop hosted by Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty. This is one of our favorite hops for the opportunity it allows for creativity. To join the hop or check out some of the other arty submissions, click on Athena’s badge.

POTP Please

I know everyone continues to send purrs, prayers and POTP to our little guy, for which Dad Tom and I are grateful. Regardless, I am asking you continue to do so. Sawyer had another seizure last night, less than 48 hours after the one on Wednesday. This was a grand mal. Any seizure hurts our hearts, but these always take so much more out of him and us.

Sunday Selfies Reminder

Another week has slipped right past us, and that means tomorrow is the day for you to spruce up your furs, put the sparkle in your eyes, and a cheesy grin on your face. After all, you want to look your very best in your selfie and when you hop. We love seeing all our regular and loyal supporters each week as well as any newcomers.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.