Please accept our apologies for this late post. The reason is our
final thankful, which cut into Mom’s writing time. She’s old and got
tired and blurry eyed before she could finish this last night.

Sawyer Thankfuls

Wednesday a week ago sucked, as we eluded to in a previous post! Sawyer had an appointment with Dr. Neel but never made it there. He started biting and scratching Mom as soon as he saw the PTU. Dad wasn’t home to help. Once on the road, Mom hit a curb with her right front wheel and shredded her tire. As she had to wait for AAA, she had Chris come and pick Sawyer up and take him home. Mom had to reschedule Sawyer’s appointment for yesterday.

Mr. InnocentLuckily for Mom, Dad was home this time and got Sawyer in the PTU. Sawyer did not do his usual PTU pooping trick. And he was a purrfect gentleman for Dr. Neel. Now that was the trifecta of thankfuls.

Sawyer has been having seizures more often (every 7 to 10 days). His last one was Monday morning. So, he had blood drawn for a phenobarbital monitoring profile as well as an FeLV antigen and FIV antibody combo test. The final two checks were to make certain he did not pick up either disease during his walkabout.

We are so late with this post that Mom just heard from Dr. Neel. The FeLV and FIV tests were negative. Yippee! His liver and kidney function and glucose levels are all good. His pheno level was in the therapeutic range but has gone down several points. So we are going to up his dosage slightly. That’s definitely oodles of thankfuls!

Another thankful is for Sawyer’s weight gain. He weighed in at 9.1 pounds. After his walkabout he only weighed 6.88 pounds.

Giulietta Thankfuls

This note was on yesterday’s vet bill along with a charge of zero for Giulietta’s euthanasia.

The lack of a charge was nice, but the message truly touched our hearts.

The other thankful with reference to Giulietta can be seen in this photo.



We received the beautiful ornament/suncatcher (accompanied by the note) from Sharon, Noelle, Reesie and Raz (our family at Friends Furever). The note, written as if from Giulietta, made Mom tear up. Mom has hung the ornament above her head on the bed post, and we all now have Giulietta looking over us when we go to sleep at night. It’s a comforting feeling.

The Final Thankful

This is Mom and Dad’s thankful, and we are unsure how we feel about it. Last night they met with a possible new cat sitter. We love our Treat Lady Chris, but she cannot come four times a day to give Sawyer his meds. Mom has not been outside the city limits in three years, and she and Dad would like to go to Atlanta to spend Thanksgiving with Dad’s nephew and family.

The sitter’s name is Kit, and she is very nice. We all made an appearance and most of us hung out the entire time, especially Cooper and Kizmet. In fact, Kizmet made a fool of herself by kissing, head bonking and playing with Kit. Kitten’s have no self-restraint. Anyhoo, she only lives two blocks away and can handle the requirements with regard to Sawyer. This isn’t a done deal, but we expect we will be “fending for ourselves” for the holiday. Here’s hoping we can train this Kit person to be Treat Lady #2.

We are participating in the Thankful Thursday blog hop at Brian’s Home. If you would like to do the same, click on his badge.


Once again we must apologize to Angel Sammy and Teddy for not posting a poem today. Mom says she will try to have it for tomorrow’s post, but she’s not making any promises. Of course, she isn’t. She’s such a slacker! Sorry Mom, you know it’s true!

So that’s it for today.

Purrs & paw-pats, Misty May, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet