Sunday Selfies: Week #276



I had to have a bit of help with my selfie from Mom. I was snuggled into Dad’s lap and didn’t want to move. Though I sleep on Mom’s head at night, Dad Tom is my favorite person, and I try to get in his lap or on his chest whenever I can. I do get a lot of competition from Mau and some from Astrid and Giulietta, but I win the prime spot more than any other of the Kitties Blue.

Now that I have shared my selfie, I sure hope you will share your beautiful or handsome face with us.

Mom has decided I don’t need to post those hopping tips. She did ask me to remind everyone it is not necessary too post on Sunday to hop, all anipals are welcome and it would make us very happy if you post our badge and link.

Mom, all the other Kitties Blue and I thank you for hopping with us. If you are new to our Sunday Selfies hop, we hope you will return often.

Finally, I am sending some kisses and purrs to a very special man cat. He knows who he is!

Purrs and paw-pats. Misty May