Sunday Selfies: Week #390

Yesterday I was certain I would be able to bribe or coerce one of Kitties Blue to snap a selfie. I was wrong, as I often am! In my search for a selfie to share today, I discovered one that Lisbeth had never shared. It is from March 2016. She doesn’t look any different now than she did six years ago.


old photo selfie


Other than at mealtimes, Lisbeth has been spending most of her time on the second floor where it is much warmer. Our special time together is during and after my breakfast, which I have been missing lately.

Lisbeth and I are hoping you were more cooperative this week than Kitties Blue were and took your selfie. You know how much we and all your other friends look forward to oohing and ahhing over how absolutely adorable you are. If you cannot join us today, you have until Thursday to enter the hop.

Thanks for continuing to follow us and support Sunday Selfies. And thank you for your friendship.