Sunday Selfies: Week #119

I was incredulous when I discovered that our mom called me both a turkey and a hog yesterday. Then she had the audacity (yeah, I know some big words), to ask me to do the selfie today.

Being a Cat Scout of integrity and sworn to being helpful, I obliged her with several photos. And then what did she do? She selected one that looks just like a mug shot. If you think I am exaggerating, check it out for yourself.


turkey photos


The second photo she selected isn’t much better! It distinctly shows my displeasure with that first photo. There’s a super blurry one that she says looks as if I am giving her a paw gesture like the one humans use when they are really infuriated with another person. Again, I must reiterate that I am a Cat Scout and would NEVER do such a thing. I was merely moving my paw into position to wash it. I swear!

I did dress as a turkey for a party at Cat Scouts, and as I think I’m much cuter in that photo, I told mom she had to share it with you as well.


mau turkey


I think the turkey drumstick was a nice addition, don’t you?

Cat4-001This is our Sunday Selfie Blog Hop. As it is the last hop prior to Thanksgiving, feel free to share a Thanksgiving-themed photo…or not!

Last week we had a couple more purrticipants than the previous week, but our numbers have still plummeted. We hope, if you were once one of our selfie friends and have stopped submitting, you will return. We miss you, and we are sure those who follow the hop do as well. And invite all your anipal friends to join us.

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Thanksgiving Day Surprise

We know lots of you will be busy this week traveling or preparing for the holiday, but please take a few minutes to drop by on Thanksgiving. We will have a huge surprise that day. And, it won’t be any of us acting like a turkey!

Purrs and paw-pats, Mauricio with lots of love and smooches to my fabulous wife Allie