…nor am I happy as you can see by the expression on my face.




What possibly could make such a beautiful cat enjoying a sunpuddle on the catio unhappy? If you can’t tell from this first photo, I bet you’ll figure it out when you see the next one.




That’s right, I’m wearing a harness. What the catness is that about? Well, the humans and Dr. Neel have decided I’m overweight. Anyone with two eyes and half a brain can see that I am all floof. I can’t help that it’s heavy floof.

Anywho…Mom has been talking about taking me for walks for a really long time. So today, when she and Dad went to Petco to take photos of Susie, a new Barn Cat Buddy waiting for adoption, they bought me this harness. Mom intends on having me wear it for a little while each day until I get accustomed to it. I wore it today for an agonizingly long 75 minutes. I was never so happy and thankful as when I got out of that torture device and back into my regular collar.

I will admit that the green color of this ridiculous straight jacket enhances my lovely eyes. Because of that I decided to give all my fans, especially Clooney, one glamour pose.




I promise to post occasional updates on how this training punishment is progressing. I hope my mom realizes that even if I become accustomed to wearing this thing, I DO NOT intend on going out in public and walking around on a leash. Pffft!

Purrs and paw-pats (with a nose-kiss for Clooney), Giulietta