Tabby Tuesday

The last tabby kitty who was a member of Kitties Blue got his wings in 2011. That was the year prior to petretary starting our blog. Like Cooper Murphy, MacKenzie was a ginger tabby, but he didn’t have an opportunity to pawticipate in any blog activities.

Since Cooper Murphy officially joined the household, our friend and Tabby Cat Club founder, Gracie, has been trying to get petretary to allow Cooper to join TCC. As other friends, Angel Sammy, Raz and Socks have official positions within the club, prtretary thought it would be a good experience for Cooper to join.

So, Cooper Murphy is now an official member with his very own badge.


Cooper Murphy joins Tabby Cat Club.


We do hope he has some fun. Upcoming events include a Super Bowl party, Valentine’s Day party and Comedy Club event. Cooper Murphy plans to pawticipate in all these events.

We know many of our friends are members of TCC as well. Cooper Murphy is excited about the opportunity to meet and make friends with our pals and other tabbies.

We are purrty certain Cooper will be sharing about all the fun he has at TCC with all of you.

Purrs and paw-pats, Kitties Blue