Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

NewYear’s Eve is just a few days away, and angel Sammy and Teddy (Two Spoiled Cats) have provided us with an appropriate inspiration photo for this week’s poem.


New Year - Opportunities & Possibilities: An older couple wearing party hats and celebrating the new year.


At our age, Dad Tom and I rarely stay up to greet the New Year, but these two senior citizens appear to be having a great time. Of course, with drawn curtains, there really isn’t any way to tell what time it was when the photo was snapped. Anyhoo, none of that matters when it comes to my poem.

New Year – Opportunities & Possibilities

With every new year we hope and pray
for the promise of great things: If we
are ill, with God’s grace and the right
treatment we will be cured; if we play
the lottery, maybe we’ll win big!
We pray our kids or grandkids will get
good grades and be accepted to
a prestigious college. Maybe our
boss will recognize our extraordinary
abilities and give us a well-deserved raise.
No matter our age, a new year offers
imagined as well as unimagined
possibilities and opportunities.
We reach for them with hope, a smile and
a shared kiss at midnight with a loved one.

© Janet Buickerood Blue – 12/27/2023

Each week Angel Sammy transmits his poem from the Rainbow Bridge to Teddy for publication. In our opinion, Sammy is a super talented poet, and he always writes a first-rate poem. So, pop on over to Two Spoiled Cats, by clicking on the poetry badge, to check out Sammy’s poem and get the photo for next week’s challenge.


Thankful Thursday

It’s easy to be thankful around Christmastime. We share greetings with family and friends, give and receive gifts, help out our favorite charities and have yummy treats to eat. I am particularly thankful our gifts arrived at their destinations in time for Christmas, and that I got all the Kitties Blue cards in the mail before the holiday. When those will arrive to our friends living in other countries is anyone’s guess. Hopefully, they’ll have a nice surprise for Valentine’s Day.

Kitties Blue and I are thankful for all the greeting cards they have received. I have promised them we will share the cards with everyone in a future post.

Kizmet and Audrey are thankful for each other!


New Year - Opportunities & Possibilities: A grey cat and a torbie cat sleeping and resting their heads on each other.


And, of course, we are thankful you visited us today. The kitties and I hope to see you again tomorrow as well for Feline Friday, featuring Raleigh, and Friendly Fill-ins.

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