Sunday Selfies: Week #180

If you missed yesterday’s post, you are unaware that our mom volunteered me as your host for today’s Sunday Selfies post. You probably think that it is because I am totally adorable. But you’d be wrong…not when it comes to my adorableness but for the reason I was volunteered.

Dad Tom and Mom think I was naughty on Friday night and that taking a selfie would be my punishment. First of all, I do not think I was naughty but just a bit impulsive. And secondly, I’m happy to take a selfie. Like I said, “I am adorable.”


Naughty boy hosts Sunday Selfies


Now, look at that face. I am totally innocent looking, so how how could I have been naughty. I only slipped out the front door and went under Mom’s car to play a little, It was dark out, but I swear I didn’t plan to run off anywhere. I was just getting a little fresh air. Okay, I know I can do that on the catio, but I just needed to see if the air is fresher in front of the house.That’s totally reasonable, don’t you think?

I’ll admit my plan had one major flaw. I made my escape at dinnertime! Mom thought if she told me it was dinnertime, I would sprint right back in the house. Nope. I’m not that easy. It took the promise of treats and Dad dangling my wand toy in front of me until he was able to scoop me up. I wasn’t pleased by the outcome, but at least I didn’t miss my dinner. The treats, however, were left on the front porch. he skunks probably found them.

So, anyhoo, I am here as your host today.

Tabby Cat Club

I liked this selfie so much, I used it for my Tabby Cat Club I.D. as well. I wanted to join Cat Scouts with Mau and Cooper Murphy, but Mom says that isn’t going to happen. She claims that Cat Scouts takes a lot of time and effort. She thinks I wouldn’t help her. Hmmm…she’s probably right! I’m a kitten and extremely busy. So I have joined Cooper Murphy at TCC.

Health Update

Again, if you didn’t drop by yesterday, you don’t know that Mau has the eye icks! He went to the vet yesterday morning and is now getting meds and eye ointment along with Calista Jo. Mom and Dad caught his infection a bit more quickly, so he didn’t have a high fever or need fluids. So we could us a few more purrs, prayers and POTP that this does not spread to any others in the furmily. Astrid, Giulietta, Lisbeth and Misty May are healthy, and we’d like to keep it that way.


Now that I have shared my adorableness, it is time for you to share yours. here’s a few tips for sharing your selfie and joining the hop.

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Purrs and paw-pats, Sawyer