Sunday Selfies: Week #362

I took my home again selfie, after waking up from one of my naps, in the same place I took my Caturday Art photo.


home again


I spent Saturday doing exactly what I did on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: Eat, sleep, repeat…

Mom and Dad are happy I am eating, as it means I am getting my meds again. I have been helping myself to leftovers from the bowls of my fursibs as well. I missed a lot of noms while away.

Do you see that thing under my chin that looks like a big headlight? That’s my new locator collar. I also have my I.D. tag that says I need meds as well as a bell and the photo tag identifying me as having seizures. I feel as if I am on house arrest, but instead of having an ankle monitor, I have a neck monitor. It’s all okay. If I ever get crazy again and decide to bolt, Mom and Dad will be able to track and find me right away!

Hopping Time

Now that I have shared, it is your turn to smooth those errant whiskers and clean your breakfast off your furs. You want to look your best for all your friends and admirers. Mom always likes us to remind you that you don’t need to post today to hop. The hop remains open through Thursday. And, of course, all anipals are welcome regardless of species.


Thank You Again!

I know I’ve told you how grateful I am for all the prayers you said for me and the support you gave my mom and dad when I was missing. But, to be honest, I never will be able to tell you enough times. To think that people around the world were worried about me and checking everyday to see if I had returned home is all a bit hard for me to comprehend. I will hold all of you close to my heart forever.

Purrs and paw-pats, Sawyer