First of all, we must apologize if you haven’t heard from us in a while. If you don’t already know, our humans have abandoned us yet again to spend 10 days in Paris. And Mauricio is hogging the desktop computer and spending all of his time at Cat Scouts. So we haven’t had much of an opportunity to visit or leave comments. Hope you’ll forgive us.

  Nerissa (Nissy) from Nerissa’s Life recently celebrated his second blogoversary and in honor of that created a new award: The MOUSES! Award. Nissy coined this word and uses it with regularity on his blog. In fact it has now been used so much that blogger no longer tags it as a misspelled word and neither does WordPress. We have typed it twice here with no indication that it is not purrfectly acceptable. Well mouses, that is great!

We are so excited that we were one of the first recipients of this award, having received it directly from Nissy. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Mouses, we are honored to accept this mousetacular award!

So here are the rules:

1. Thank the blogger who gave you the MOUSES! Award. (Nerissa didn’t say to, but we hope recipients also link back to that blogger’s blog.) √

2. Post the award somewhere on your blog. √

3. When acceptin’ the award, you need to use the word MOUSES! in a sentence.  For this requirement, you may also choose to use one of the many variations of MOUSES! if you so desire.  You know…  like…  mousin’, moused-up, etc…  √

4. Pass the MOUSES! Award on to two or more bloggers.  You can pass it along to as many as you like but please try for at least two so that the award is spread around the blogosphere and doesn’t fizzle out or anything.  And you’ll wanna pass the award on to bloggers whose work you read regularly and would therefore, sure as mouses recommend.  See what Nissy did there?  Yup, you spotted it.  He used a derivation of MOUSES! in a sentence.  He says, “Lead by example.”

So, without further ado, we are passing this award to:

Mauricio’s girlfriend Allie, Ellie, Raz and Cubby, The Florida Furkids, from Friends Furever 
Wally, Ernie and Zoey from The Island Cats
Sisfur Nylablue Nylablue and Sherri-Ellen’s Purrfect Pad
Brofur Bailey from Bailey Boat Cat

We know that none of you received this award from Nissy, but if you have received it since, please forgive our duplication. We always feel that if an award is received more than once, it means that blog is extra special!

dragonsloyaltyaward1•  We really didn’t mean that last sentence to refer to our blog, but recently, we did receive an award for the second time. It is the Dragon’s Loyalty Award, which we received previously from Lisbeth’s friend, Texas from the blog, Texas, A Cat in New York Austin. Most recently we received it from Franny’s Feline Film Forum as well. We were unfamiliar with this blog so that made it extra special to receive this award from them. As you also may be unfamiliar with this blog, we hope you will stop by and check it out.  To see our original post about this award and those we passed it to, please click here.

•  Mauricio would like to thank each of you who commented about his relationship with the sweet Allie. He also hopes you visited her at Friends Furever to see her post. If not, you can click the link provided in the list of recipients for the MOUSES! Award. And he would like to give a shout-out to his friend and Allie’s brofur, Raz, for being named Cat Scout of the month!

•  Finally, we have been reading a blog for a while that we would like to suggest to any of our friends who are unfamiliar with it. The blog is called “It’s Noodle.” Noodle gives out awards in many of her blogs, such as the STICKY PAWS, HAIR BALLS, FUZZY HUGS and KITTY KISSES. These often go to journalists and politicians or other well-known people. They can be quite amusing as well as right on target. Anyway, we hope you will check out this fun and informative blog.

Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

P.S. (Especially for Nissy) Mom sent us an e-mail saying that there was a field mouse running around the restaurant where they ate dinner. MOUSES!