Sunday Selfies: Week #196



I am here today, representing all the Kitties Blue, to wish our mom and all moms a Happy Mother’s Day. It doesn’t matter if you have human children or furry ones, you are special and important. As the main nurturers and caregivers, you should have more than one day each year set aside for us to honor you. But as this is the day the had been set aside…



I was actually sitting in our mom’s lap when I took today’s selfie. So, it seemed appropriate for today.

Mau gave me permission to repaint his poem for mom that he wrote a few years ago.


Mau’s Mother’s Day Poem

My mom is patient.
My mom is kind.
My mom loves me,
Even when I don’t mind.

My mom feeds me.
My mom gives me treats.
She rubs my belly,
And she kisses my feets.

My mom thinks only of me
When she helps me with Scouts,
And she doesn’t get mad,
Even when I pouts.

I love you Mom.
What more can I say?
You are the bestest mom
Each and everyday.

© Mauricio Blue

Blog Hop

Here are a few tips from Mom for entering our blog hop. I know y’all know what to do, so you can just ignore this. Snap a quick selfie of yourself, pop on over and link it up. Easy Peasy! But if your new, feel read to read this.

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Purrs and paw-pats, Astrid (with love and kisses to my husband Sampy)