Sunday Selfies: Week #354

I hope you don’t mind seeing me again today. Mom says I am just too darn cute not to be your host today. Plus, I have a story to tell you. But first, here’s my selfie.



My mom and dad call me monkey when I climb all over the cat tree and hang upside-down like this! I don’t know about that nickname, but I sure do enjoy playing on this tree!

If you enlarge my selfie, you can see the heart-shaped white furs on my chest as well as the tiny freckle on the interior rim of my right eye.

So here’s the story I promised. On Thursday Mom thought some of us were having a disagreement in the living room. After a while, she decided to check on us and found we were chasing a tiny chipmunk around the living room. None of us have admitted to bringing our new friend in the house. Until yesterday morning, he had not been seen, and Mom and Dad hoped he had found a way to escape. That’s when I showed up in the bedroom with our tiny friend in my mouth, and the chase began again. Dad thought he’d caught the little fellow in a towel, but Mr. Chipmunk had slipped away, not to be seen again all day.

After dinner last night, Mom found Lisbeth guarding the hall butler and radiator in the foyer. Yep, Mr. Chips was back, and Lisbeth had him in her sights. She carried him around the dining room with Dad trying to relieve her of her prize. Once again our little friend got away. We think he is hiding in the pantry closet and probably sneaks out at night to eat our foodables.

We have no idea how long this cat and chipmunk game will continue, but we are all hopeful that our friend will be able to return to the garden where he belongs.

Remembering Friends

The last few weeks have been particularly sad with the loss of many friends. Today, all of us want to remember three of those. We think most of you knew Speedy. He was one of our first friends, and a a long-time Sunday Selfie hopper. We will remember this cheeky bunny fondly and forever. Most of you will not know the second friend who received his wings. It is Mr. Denmaster Jeff (aka Mr. Tasty Face). He was the Cat Scouts’ Denmaster’s husband. Finally we lost a dear Cat Scout friend and patrol mate of Cooper Murphy, Tubby. We will miss each of them and send their families lots of purrs and prayers.


Time to Hop-a-Long

Are you ready to hop? If not, it’s time to get your selfie snapped and posted. You don’t want to miss enjoying your Easy Sunday. And you definitely do not want to let down all your friends who will be visiting here looking for you!

Finally, we wish you all a good day filled with sunpuddles and cuddles.

Purrs and paw-pats, Kizmet

p.s. I am 11 months old today.