Siblings, Mauricio and Misty May, were great snugglers when they were babies. Not so much anymore!

Upcoming Birthday Celebration

If you have The Cat Blogosphere calendar and remembered to turn the page today, you saw Mauricio and Misty May when they were itty bitty kittens. (The photo here is from the same time.) When we adopted the brother and sister, we dubbed them “The Babies” to differentiate them from the other older kitties. They are babies no more! On the 17th they turn ten years old.


You are invited to join us for a party on Wednesday that will include a giveaway from Pookapet. (You can read about this cool company tomorrow in our Tortie Tuesday post.) And we will have a comment-a-thon with proceeds going to the rescue or shelter chosen by the winner of a drawing.


Butterfly Light Award

Butterfly Light Award

A few days ago we received and passed on the Butterfly Light Award. We are now giving this to another blog: McGuffy’s Reader. This is my very favorite non-animal-centric blog; though, three kitties (Maggie P., Grizelda and Chloe Jo) and one woofie (Stella) are part of the household. McGuffy’s Reader is normally an award-free blog, but McGuffy Ann is making an exception for this award. If you are unfamiliar with her blog, please take this opportunity to visit.


Sunday Selfies

Yesterday’s Blog Hop was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who entered a selfie as well as supported and promoted the Hop. It is such an excellent way to make new friends. We’ll be doing it again next week, and even if you usually enter other blog hops that day or like to spend an Easy Sunday, you can still enter.


Saint Cat

Saint Cat

Finally, please don’t forget that you can still order a print by Katzy from CatLadyPaints and receive a discount. To receive 20 percent off through September 20, visit the CatLadyPaints Etsy shop and use the code CATHEAD20.