I was going to ask y’all if you ever do anything that drives your humans bonkers. But then I came to my senses and realized that, of course, you do! You’re a cat. I don’t know if it’s counter surfing, shredding the furniture, horking in their slippers or bolting out the front door whenever it’s opened. But I know there is something.

I have two somethings…terrorizing Astrid, which I take great pride in doing ’cause I get my tail all poofed out like a giant caterpillar, which feels so good. And Astrid squeals like a little piggy. That makes my humans really angry, and Mom yells at me to go upstairs and leave the baby alone. Wah…wah…wah!

I honestly do not know why my other favorite pastime upsets the peeps. It doesn’t hurt anything and can be very helpful at times. Want to know what it is?


Our basement is a walk-out that cannot be entered from inside the house. It is unfinished but has four separate rooms with oodles of great things to inspect and lots of cobby webs and other 100-plus-year-old dirt and grime to get into. Whenever the humans go in the basement to get out the tandem, tools for working around the house, gardening equipment or drinks from the spare fridge, I run lickety split for the door while Mom yells her favorite word at me followed by my name, “NO, Misty May.” That, of course, makes me run even faster.

Sometimes Dad will quick pick me up and bring me back outside. Most times, however, I am way too fast for him. He and mom will try to psych me out by saying that I’ll be locked in for up to three hours if I don’t come out. Music to my ears…three hours to explore and look for any mouses that may have snuck inside. Kitty Heaven!

Since I am confessing my favorite ways to make the peeps crazy pants, I must also confess that Lily Olivia taught me about the basement. She was doing the same thing years before I was even born. She doesn’t care much about the basement anymore. I guess she has investigated everything in her 16 years; though, she does take a tour occasionally for old time’s sake.

On Monday I had a lovely three hours to explore, but I was ready for the humans to get home and let me out.













I was sitting in the window atop the water softener when they came up the driveway. As soon as Mom spotted me, I looked away so they wouldn’t know how anxious I was to get out. Sometimes, however, I don’t want out, and sometimes the peeps don’t even know that I have snuck in behind their backs. If I don’t report for dinner, each will ask the other if s/he had been in the basement that day. Usually, the answer is, “yes.” Once in a while they don’t have to question themselves as they can hear me answering from the basement when they call my name.

Now that I have shared my favorite ways for misbehavin’, feel free to share yours if you don’t mind giving up your secrets. You might give me some great ideas for making my peeps even crazier than they are!

Purrs and paw-pats, Misty Misbehavin’ May