Sunday Selfies: Week #77


Misty May's one-eyed selfie: Tuxedo Cat lying down and winking.


Misty May claimed that she didn’t need more than one eye open to take a good selfie. For a kitty who doesn’t do the selfie thing very often, I’ve got to admit she did a darn good job. She was resting her head on her dad’s knee when she snapped this.

If you haven’t entered our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop, what are you waiting for? Ninety percent of cats are taking selfies, which means you are in the minority if you’re not. No cat wants that. So pick up your paw and push the button on your human’s cell phone and hop along with us. If you aren’t a cat, you can still enter. All anipals are always welcome.

Cat4-001Personally, we think tongue selfies are just fine, and we encourage them. What would selfies be without a great tongue shot from Crockett at Lone Star Cats.

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