Today’s art for Athena and Marie’s Caturday Art Blog Hop was created from this total photo fail. The grainy, low-light photo of Misty May was taken while she was occupying my pillow. It was taken during the day with the shades down, lights out and most likely with my iPhone.

As I am a mediocre photographer, at best, and as we live in a house that is very dark without a lot of natural light, the photos I use on the blog are of a quality that most of you would reject. However, I wouldn’t even have used this one.


Caturday Art MM


But with some cropping and several steps in Picasa, I was able to turn it into something I think is  interesting and quite nice. But, of course, I’ll let you make up your own minds as to whether I succeeded or ended up with another photo fail.


Caturday Art MM


To create this week’s art, I began by adding the pencil sketch filter to the photo followed by the comic book effect. I then used the boost filter at 3/4 strength. Next I added a pale blue, feather-edged graduated tint. Finally I set saturation at 3/4 strength and added the frame.

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