Mom acts like a cat on nip when Saturday approaches. She gets excited and crazypants when she knows it’s time for her to create some Caturday Art for Athena and Marie’s Blog Hop.

This week she selected one of my selfies I rejected last week. It was super blurry and did not show off my exquisiteness to my satisfaction. I’m surprised, but I actually like this rendering and find it an improvement over the original.


misty may neon


If you have never noticed, Mom has a thing for the color aqua and uses it bunches as evidenced by this week’s creation. She did everything in our usual photo-editing program, Picasa. She began by adding the neon filter in aqua, then the boost filter, followed by the softness filter. Her final step prior to adding the drop shadow frame was to use the HDR-ish filter at full strength and full radius.

neon misty mayHere’s my original photo. I’m a little bug-eyed and am showing the black side of my nose. Last Sunday I regaled you with the more feminine, pink side.

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Purrs and paw-pats, Misty May