Ooopsie…I just discovered I didn’t post this at midnight!

Thankful Thursday

Kitties Blue and I are joining the Thankful Thursday blog hop hosted by Brian. If you’d like to participate, post on your blog for what you are grateful, and then click on Brian’s badge to visit his blog and linkup.

  • Today is the sixth anniversary of our precious kitty, Fiona, receiving her wings. We definitely are not thankful that she is no longer with us, but eternally grateful to have had her in our lives. I think of her everyday. If you haven’t read the poems her sister Giulietta and I wrote for her, they are on the sidebar. This is the link to her obituary post, “Farewell Fiona.” She’ll be loved always.

Grey cat on couch

  • I am thankful I have completed a good portion of the Christmas decorating and have started addressing Kitties Blue holiday cards. These projects are eating up hours each day, so I must add to the thankful my apologies for Kitties Blue and my lack of visiting and commenting.
  • Cooper Murphy is thankful for earning another merit badge at Cat Scouts by learning about turkeys and passing his quiz.

  • Dad Tom and I are thankful Sawyer has been eating well lately; though, he did have a seizure prior to our returning home this past Saturday after celebrating Thanksgiving with family.
  • As always, Kitties Blue and I are especially thankful to all of you who follow, support and comment on our current posts and those we are sharing in our Looking Back links. But, more than anything, we are blessed to have your friendship.

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

It was definitely a difficult task this week to figure out how to add Kitties Blue to Teddy and Angel Sammy’s inspiration photo for their poetry challenge. Requiring even more effort was coming up with a suitable poem. The poem is a bit lackluster, but the gang and I hope you’ll enjoy it nonetheless.


An African woman carrying five clay pots on her head and four in her hands with cats and five cats around her feet.


Potted Cats

This nice lady is bringing us nine pots,
So we each will have our own cozy bed.
Four of us are trying them out,
But none of us are on her head.
Lisbeth actually enjoys being up high,
But if she fell, there might be blood shed!
She’s waiting ’til her bed’s on the ground
Where she’ll add a nice warm bedspread
And curl up for a good long nap
Until it’s time for Kitties Blue to be fed.
We thank this lady for her generosity,
Because we Kitties Blue are all well-bred!

© Janet Buickerood Blue – 11/30/2022

If you haven’t been participating in Teddy and Angel Sammy’s poetry challenge, I recommend you give it a try. It’s the perfect opportunity to use your imagination and creativity. Check out Two Spoiled Cats, by clicking on the poetry badge, for next week’s inspiration photo. And please read Angel Sammy’s poem. He is a terrific and masterful poet.

So that’s it for today. We look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow.