Wordless Wednesday with a Few Meows



Dad Tom and I managed to get those shark costumes on six of Kitties Blue. We didn’t even try to wrestle Raleigh or Sawyer into one, as I knew they would be traumatized by it. We were unable to get a photo of Lisbeth, as she immediately ran upstairs. By the time Dad Tom got there, she had completely removed the costume. Astrid quickly took off the head piece and then meyowled the entire time she was in the shark suit. She thinks she made up for removing the headpiece by baring her bottom teeth.

Our little sharks would like to know which one of them made the best shark and would like you to tell them in the comments.

Our five sharks, Cooper Murphy, Astrid, Calista Jo, Kizmet and Audrey, will be participating in the Wordless Wednesday blog hop at Comedy Plus. If you’d like to join them there, click on the WW badge.


Looking Back

As I got very wordy on today’s post, the Looking Back post is from a previous Halloween Wordless Wednesday. And it is wordless. It features our now angel, Guilietta, and is from October 31, 2012. You can find the post at “Wordless Wednesday: Scary Cat.” I added a background to Giulietta’s photo, which wasn’t there in the original post.

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Thanks so much for coming by today. The little sharks and I appreciate it!