Caturday Art

Misty May tries to wake Calista Jo up to celebrate the mew year.



I went back to Painnt to create today’s art. I used the Vintage effect with the hard light filter. The border is from piZap.

Misty May and Calista Jo are participating in the Caturday Art blog hop hosted by Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty. If you’d like to do the same, click on Athena’s badge.

Kitties Blue 2022 Mew Year’s Resolutions

Kitties Blue do not post resolutions every year, as they usually change very little from year to year. For 2022, however, Sawyer and Kizmet have each added a new one and a few others have been modified.

1. Get more scritches.
2. Get more treats and nip.
3. Always come when called unless napping, playing, eating, watching bird TV, day dreaming or participating in other cat-approved activities.
4. If in, demand to go out.
5. If out, demand to come in.
6. Don’t wash our butts in front of company unless it is an emergency.
7. Take up as much space in the humans’ bed as possible by sleeping east/west instead of north/south and on Mom’s pillow.
8. Clear the kitchen counters of all items whenever possible.
9. Pretend to be deaf whenever a human is speaking to us. (Misty May no longer has to pretend.)
10. Always help Mom with her posts. (This is especially for Astrid and Calista Jo.)
11. Don’t be fooled into eating by Mom when she puts her head in my bowl and makes nom-nom sounds. I will only eat when I feel like it. (This is Sawyer’s personal resolution.)
12. When horking, always aim for a rug or shoe.
13. Give all visitors to the house kisses. (Kizmet)
14. Don’t take any unauthorized walkabouts. (Sawyer)
15. Make certain to always poop in my PTU when being taken to the vet. (Sawyer)

Jigsaw Puzzle

I did make a puzzle for you from today’s art.
preview120pieceHappy Mew Year Cats

Sunday Selfies Reminder

Tomorrow will be our first Sunday Selfies post of the new year, and Kitties Blue are hoping you won’t want to miss it! They also know with today being a holiday, you might get too busy to take a selfie. If that happens, don’t panic. You can enter our hop anytime through Thursday. We always look forward to seeing you on Sunday and want to express our gratitude for your continued friendship and support as we embark on a new, and what we hope will be a better, year for all.