Not So Wordless Wednesday



The boys are participating in Meow Like a Pirate Day. The girls said they were not interested this year.

Says who? Whoever said that was lying. We girls think it is super cool to be pirates.

The boys are all dressed and ready to go. You girls seem to be sitting around in your furs.

We don’t need costumes to swill grog and rum and search for buried treasure.

Not dressing up sort of takes the fun out of it don’t you think?

Arrgh! I guess you’re right. So here I am in my costume.


Pirate cat Misty May


Do you have a pirate name?

Of course; though, I think whomever came up with it must have been blind. I am known as Calico Mary Kidd. It’s obvious I’m a tuxie not a calico.

Do any of the other girls wish to join you as a pirate?

I guess not…maybe that rumor about not participating wasn’t so far from the truth.

Should we check out the boys and see if they are dressed for the activities?

Yeah…why not.

Pirate cats: Cooper Murphy, Mau, Sawyer


Wow, they sure look like swashbucklers. I wonder what their pirate names are?

We are Captain Roger Kidd, Captain Sparrow the Funkmaster and Iron Davy Rackham.

Yo ho ho and a bottle of milk. Mau says I’m too young for rum or grog and that I cannot drink alcohol with my medication. Pffft! Oops, I mean Arrgh.

Do you scalawags have a ship?

As a matter of fact we do. Unfortunately it is in need of repairs, as you can see. We are disgruntled landlubbers for now.



Due to our inability to set sail and pillage some villages, we are setting off for some parties. Captain Roger Kidd and Iron Davy Rackham are heading over to the Tabby Cat Club, and later Captain Roger Kidd will join me at Cat Scouts.

What about Calico Mary Kidd? Are you taking her with you?

I guess she can tag along with us to Cat Scouts

Gee, thanks, Captain Jack Sparrow Funkmaster. So kind of you.

Have fun today! Don’t get yourselves into any trouble.

Arrgh! Arrgh! Arrgh! Arrgh!

Key to speakers: Mom/Sawyer/Cooper Murphy/Mau/Misty May

Though we have not been wordless today, we are joining the blog hops at Create with Joy and Comedy Plus.

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