Sunday Selfies: Week #370


Handsome Brown tabby cat, Jasper, lying on a rug under a chair with a red and yellow flower border.


No, this is not a new member of the Kitties Blue family, but he is your host today. Jasper is one of the cats who lives with my friend, Etna. He showed up at her house as what she thought was a feral cat. Jasper is such an absolute sweetheart, however, and Etna is fairly certain now that he was abandoned or a stray. And isn’t he a handsome tabby. I just couldn’t resist sharing him today, as he gladly posed for a selfie after letting me rub his belly.

I hope you enjoyed meeting Jasper and did not miss seeing one of my nine turkeys.

Jasper invites you to hop with him by clicking on the link below. He’d love to meet you, and all of us here look forward to seeing you today. Thanks in advance for being hoppers. Have an easy Sunday.