Obi Mau Kenobi Welcomes You to Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Mau welcomes you to learn about unidentified feline objects



Do you believe in UFOs?
You know…those “unidentified feline
objects.” The ones you see curled
in a ball on someone’s porch.
You have to call out to them
to see if they raise their heads.
Do you think you see ears only
to find out on closer inspection
that it’s the tongues of someone’s
old yard shoes. Or maybe you spot
a small furry object in a yard.
Thinking it’s of the feline
persuasion, you approach for
a slow-blink hello. You jump back
when greeted by a yappy, snappy
something, resembling a canine.
That silhouette you glance in
a window as you drive by must be
a cat, but when you drive by hours
later, it remains unmoved…
a lifelike statue of a feline.
When you have kitties on your
mind, they can appear anywhere…
especially if they are only UFOs.

© Janet Buickerood Blue 05/03/2017

If you haven’t guessed today’s prompt letter, it is “U.” My brain was totally devoid of anything to write about until I realized what day this is. Already having Mau dressed from a previous Cat Scout party, the subject of today’s poem (with a twist) became a no-brainer.

When Dad Tom and I are riding our tandem, I am always on the look-out for kitties. The more kitties I spot, the more enjoyable a 25-mile ride can be. Often we will spot a kitty-shaped lump just to discover it isn’t a cat. That’s how Dad Tom came up with the term, “Unidentified Feline Object.”

Though Mau is the official greeter for today’s post, you will notice he is not the poet. His specialty is rhyming verse; he leaves the free verse to me.

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Thankful Thursday

We also are participating in the Thankful Thursday blog hop hosted by Brian’s Home.

We had a difficult time finding something for which to be thankful this week, especially with the loss of another friend, Flynn from Eric and Flynn’s Adventures. Though he is now with his brother Eric, we are saddened that he has left us. We will honor him in an upcoming post.

I know it is just as important to be thankful for the small things. So here they are: 1) I updated to the current version of WordPress with no major problems or glitches, 2) The temperatures are more springlike, and we have had enough rain to make all the lawns and trees beautifully green, 3) all the furballs are healthy and feisty.

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