Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Time to share some more poetry as part of Two Spoiled Cats’ weekly poetry challenge. The photo Mom Pam selected for this week’s inspiration is this log cabin on a lake. Immediately when I saw it, I asked to write the poem this week. It is for the love of my life, wife Allie (Friends Furever).


The Perfect Evening

The Perfect Evening

What a perfect evening
To sit by this peaceful lake
Quiet and tranquil
Holding paws with my wife
What a perfect evening
Reminiscing about our wedding
Planning our future
Or just sitting silently
Content in each other’s presence
What a perfect evening
Watching the moon and stars
And Allie’s face in the soft light
From those celestial bodies
What a perfect evening
One I hope to repeat again and again.

© Mauricio Blue 06/06/2018

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Thankful Thursday

We have an abundance of gratitude this week for some very cool things, which we have recently won. First, we got another cool badge from Professor Sammy and Assistant Professor Teddy (Two Spoiled Cats). We were one of four tied as first commenters on their Tuesday Teaser. Mom is lucky if she remembers it is Tuesday, and she usually isn’t up early enough to be a firstie. Here’s the badge we won.


We did not, however, guess the Teaser correctly, so we got another “Greenie.” If we showed those overtime we got one, that’s about we’d be posting on Thursdays.

Our second thankful goes to our friends, especially Mom Emily, the gang at Kitty Cat Chronicles. We won a $50 gift card for Meowijuana® on lovely Sophie’s sixth birthday. We haven’t received our card yet, but I know with whom I’ll be sharing some of the largesse.

And finally, we have a third grateful. Last night on the BlogPaws chat on Twitter, participants were asked to submit a link to a “summer” post from the past for the opportunity to win a prize from Sleepypod®. BlogPaws said they would select their favorite by noon yesterday. Mom submitted a post from 2015: Don’t Fry Day Comment-a-thon. And she won. We will be receiving the new Sleepypod Atom. If you haven’t read the post, click on the link.

Thank you BlogPaws for this awesome prize.

What amazing good fortune Kitties Blue have had. We reshaping our thankfuls on Brian’s Thankful Thursday blog hop. To join in, click on his badge.

Purrs and paw-pats, Mau