Sunday Selfies: Week #148

Guess who? If you read yesterday’s post, you already know who. It’s me…Mauricio, otherwise known as Mau. I like to have my photo taken, and I like to take selfies. As you can see, I am very photogenic, and I have excellent posing skills. This photo is a tad unfocused, as I asked the petretary to blow it up really big! Sorry!


Mau's EXTRA special selfie for Allie


My selfies are always extra special, but this one is EXTRA, EXTRA special. I made it just for my beautiful and sweet wife, Allie. Next month we will celebrate the one-year anniversary of our marriage. How pawsome is that? Do you think she’ll like my selfie? She’ll probably faint. She has a bit of a tendency to do that. I already alerted Mom Sharon to have a pillow ready to break her fall.

Do y’all think I am being too conceited? I have been told with some regularity that I am a very fine looking tuxie gentleman. And if you haven’t seen me in uniform, you should check out Cat Scouts. If you’re not a member, sign up while you are there. Membership is free. You’ll have oodles of fun and make lots of nice friends. Just remember…no hooligans allowed!

Now that I have shown you my selfie, it is time to share yours. The link is below for you to use to add your selfie. Please feel free to share the hop on your blog, by using the code that also is below. Petretary asked me to remind you to include our badge or a link back to The Cat on My Head, especially if you post the hop.

We’d be delighted if you invited your friends to join us. Remember all anipals are welcome regardless of species. We think we have the best collection of cute critters hopping each week, and we always enjoy making new friends!

Our BlogPaws Swag Giveaway

Our Caturday Art yesterday was pretty wild. Which kitty or kitties were included was not immediately obvious. In view of that, we offered the opportunity to win some goodies from the recent BlogPaws Conference. The first person to guess correctly who is in the photo will be the winner. If no one guesses correctly, we’ll use to select a winner. If you don’t want to miss out, click on the link to yesterday’s post at the bottom of this one and leave a comment with your guess prior to 5 p.m. EDT tomorrow (Monday, June 12). We’ll announce the winner on Tuesday.

Have a great easy Sunday.

Ciao and meow, Mau