So here I am almost two weeks since Misty May’s and my birthday. Mom is finally giving me the opportunity to tell you about my surprise party at Cat Scouts. It’s a good day for it. Today is Tuxie Tuesday, and my fellow Wolverine den mates gave me a black and white themed party.

Each month Scouts celebrate all the birthdays for that month in our Birthday Party Den. But Wolverine Patrol celebrates each individual’s special day in our own den. As Birthday Master, I am the one who plans the parties. Neither mom nor I planned anything for my day. But it turned out to be the most incredible day of my life with such a terrific surprise. I felt a little badly for Misty May as she didn’t get all this extra attention. But so many of my furiends brought gifts for her as well.

Before I begin sharing lots of the photos from the day, I must apologize to my den mates for my inability to share everything here. Mom says our readers would be overwhelmed, much as I was by the surprise.

First I want to share all my incredible cards. They were from: Allie, Tubby, Raz, The Wildcats (our troop), Sammy, Anya, Gracie and the Wolverine Patrol.

surprise card tubby












I also got so many super terrific gifts.These are just a few of them.

Gracie gave me the coolest birthday gift ever. It was a hot air balloon ride for Allie and me to share. We took off right after breakfast and spent the morning sailing above the countryside. The scenery was exquisite, and the alone time with my special girl was purrfect.


My other gifts included four tuxie-patterned toys from Allie and Raz, felt kitty toys and the adorable tuxie cat statue from Tubby (Mom claimed that one for herself.) and a tuxie mug from our Troop Leader, Sammy.There were also lots of balloons as well as toy mice and black and white feathers from Socks.



Anya gifted me with this classic 1957 Thunderbird. I have officially retired the vintage Cat Mobile Allie and I traveled in to the drive-in movie. We’ll be riding in style in the future.





We indulged in the most incredible noms, as we usually do at Scouts, all day long. Then we had a black tie dinner prepared by Gracie’s Catering Service and accompanied by a band.











Everyone was attired in formal wear for the evening. These are photos of Allie and me and Gracie and Tubby. The ladies look quite stunning, don’t you think? And Tubby and I cleaned up pretty well.










No party at Scouts is complete without cake, and we had two doozies, both in the black and white theme. We also enjoyed cake pops and parfaits.

The biggest thrill of the entire day came at the end of the evening with a surprise guest. Check it out…GARFIELD attended my party. Not only did I get to meet and visit with him, but I also got his pawtograph.

This truly was the best birthday ever. I am a lucky man-cat indeed as I got to spend the day with my lovely girlfriend, Allie, all my Wolverine Patrol mates and my best furiend and Wildcat Patrol Leader, Sammy. This was my thank you card to everyone who made my day so extra special.


surprise thank you
I can’t think of anything more I could ever want, except for Allie to allow me to us that special “L” word. She will be visiting Roanoke soon for a special date. I hope that will convince her of my sincerity. I will share highlights of our two-day extravaganza at it’s conclusion.


And look for an upcoming post with a recap from this past weekend’s Carnival at Cat Scouts.


Finally I must apologize for the length of this post and its disorganized appearance. Mom would have made a slide show of my cards and gifts, but she had to copy them from the Cat Scouts site so was unable to do so. And if you have stuck it out ’til the end, thanks bunches.


Purrs and paw-pats, Cat Scout Mau


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