Friendly Fill-Ins: Week #37

Mauricio has some news to share, so he is doing the Friendly Fill-Ins today. His completions are in teal italics.

1. Cooper Murphy’s energy and enthusiasm make me feel old.

2. My beautiful wife Allie makes me feel young. We always have so much fun together, like we did at the Cat Scouts Sock Hop dance contest.




3. I have two infected boo-boos on my back.

So here’s my news: I had to visit Dr. Neel on Tuesday. Mom was petting me on Monday evening when she felt a lump on my back. She panicked and thought it was a tumor, but then she discovered an open, infected-looking wound. I wouldn’t stop licking it, so Mom thought she should apply a bandage until I could see Dr. Neel.


mauricio's boo-boos


Mom’s bandaging technique leaves a lot to be desired if you ask me. She claims this was such a mess due to my continued wiggling. Excuses…excuses! She sure is good at those.


mauricio's boo-boos


When Dr. Neel started looking through my furs, she found a second wound. This is how I look now. Sheesh! Look at all those missing furs. Dr. Neel says it appears as if I was bit by another cat. The holes would be from an upper and lower fang.

We do have neighborhood cats who occasionally invade our yard. Misty May and I always have to let them know they are not welcome. Dr. Neel thinks one of those hooligan cats did not appreciate my urging it to leave and attacked me from behind.

Dr. Neel opened my wounds a bit more to get out as much infection as possible and gave me an antibiotic shot. And now Mom and Dad have to put warm compresses on the wounds twice a day.

All three of us are super happy that I do not have to wear a stupid cone.

4.  Going to the vet is no fun, but I was the purrfect patient. At home I am chatty Mau, but I only made two peeps when we first left the house. I sucked it up like a good Cat Scout and didn’t complain at all.  I saved that for after I got home!


The Friendly Fill-Ins are hosted by Ellen (15AndMeowing) and Annie (McGuffy’s Reader). Ellen selected the first two statements and Annie the second two. This is a blog hop, and you can enter by visiting Annie’s blog.

Caio and meow, Mau