Hi All,

Mauricio here. I feel, in my defense, that I must offer a rebuttal to Calista Josette’s Kitten’s Choice Awards. Okay, so I’ll admit I’m not the best boy in the house even now that I am the only one besides my human dad. And I am much better behaved than I once was. Since MacKenzie and Madison passed away, I hardly ever spray anymore. When they were here competing with me for top male cat honors, I felt the need to constantly mark my territory. They were already established members of our cat house when I arrived. Being the bottom male on the cat totem pole did not appeal to me. Now, however, I’m The Leader of the Pack and everyone in the house knows it. So I usually don’t have the need to leave scented reminders.

Look  at my sweet, innocent face. Do I look like a bad boy to you?

Look at my sweet, innocent face. Do I look like a bad boy to you?

Now in my defense: Calista Jo is an attack kitten and she bugs me constantly. When she’s not jumping on me, she’s cozying up to me trying to get me to bathe, play or cuddle her. When I’m not in the mood, I give her a teeny, tiny, little nip on her ear or neck, she reciprocates and were off on a chase across the bed, down the hall or through the entire downstairs. Lots of hissing and growling accompany these incidents. This makes our mommy and daddy very unhappy. But they really need to chill. We’re cats doing what cats do. And it’s their fault! If they had not adopted a single kitten, breaking their own rule of adopting in pairs, Calista would have had a sibling to terrorize and she could have let me be.

And I am a very good big brother to all the other female felines except Lily Olivia and my real sis, Misty May. Nobody is nice to Lily and brothers and sisters are not expected to get along so I shouldn’t get any bad marks for those little misbehaviors.

I may not be a suck-up, goody-goody kitty like Fiona, but I am not a bad cat either. I don’t set out to make trouble, I just have a few little personality quirks I don’t see a need to change or control. I am a cat. So sue me!

P.S. I found it necessary to sit on mom’s lap while she typed this so she wouldn’t go astray and say something bad about me!

P.P.S. I just discovered that while mom has been looking for a photo of me to include and I have been napping in the chair next to hers, Calista Josette has been snuggling in her lap with her motorboat purr cranked all the way. She better not have changed anything in the post or it’s no more Mr. Nice Kitty.