Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Today’s inspirational photo, provided by Mom Pam from Two Spoiled Cats, brought back memories of a Cat Scout Trip from August 2014.

Here’s the photo for today.



Scouts have taken a couple of paddlewheeler trips. The first one is the most memorable, as all the Scouts dressed up in period costumes (see below).

For our poem today, we are resurrecting a story that Mau wrote at the time of that trip. If you have seen this, we apologize. For those who have not, we hope you enjoy it.

The Legend of MAUverick

This is the story of a purrported gunslinger and cardshark, MAUverick, and his beautiful and genteel girlfriend, Allie Scarlett. (She is not related to Austin Scarlett of Project Runway Fame but legend has it that all her gowns were designed by a distant relative named Miss Melanie. They were all hand-sewn by mice seamstresses.)

Getting back on track…legend has it that MAUverick could shoot the center heart out of the Ace of Hearts at a hundred paces. No photographic proof exists, so it remains a legend. All reports say, however, that he never drew his gun on any human or cat as he was a peace loving man-cat.

Before meeting Allie Scarlett, MAUverick traveled the Mississippi River on the paddle-wheeled boats playing poker and telling stories about his time in the Old West. Rumor abounds that MAUverick used to keep an ace or two up his sleeve, but this has never been proved. And it is known that he was not a cat of great wealth. Any money he won at cards was always donated to a worthy cat shelter of which there were many along the Mississippi.

Once he met the beautiful and charming Miss Allie Scarlett, he gave up his wandering ways. They settled in a modest cottage in New Orleans where they ran a kitty refuge and tended a garden of cat nip in their spare time. They were said to have lived happily ever after, well into old age, never letting a day go by without holding paws and sharing tender kisses.


The Legend of MAUverick


Maybe Mau’s conclusion was a premonition, as he and Allie were married less than two years later. With their second anniversary coming up next week, Mau thinks we couldn’t have picked a better time to reshare.

To see the poem that Angel Sammy wrote today, click on his badge. He’s a truly talented poet, and his poems are always worth reading. You also will find links to other poems in the Comments.


Thankful Thursday

Kitties Blue are happy Dad Tom and I are retired, so we can cater to them 24/7/365. Dad Tom and I appreciate the fact we live with a houseful of furry feline comedians who keep us smiling and laughing.

We all are happy to have a wee bit cooler weather.

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