Friendly Fill-Ins: Week #199

On Fridays we enjoy participating in the Friendly Fill-Ins blog hop hosted by Ellen from 15 And Meowing and Lorianne from Four-Legged Furballs. It’s a fun way to learn a bit more about your blogging friends. If you’d like to take part in the hop, you can find the sentences to be filled in each Thursday on both blogs. To enter the hop, click on the badge at the left.

I coerced Mau into helping me with the fill-ins, so he would have to confess his recent transgressions.

We both used teal italics for our fill-ins. Any explanatory info is in parentheses.

1. I know I am sick when I do not have the energy to get out of bed.

2. For St. Patrick’s Day, I usually try to wear green, as I am half Irish, but I have never done anything special to celebrate it.

3. It’s been a long time since I have been out of the country.

4. Mauricio: In order to sneak out at night you have to learn how to move the barriers your humans place in front of the cat door and then pry the cover off. (I am in the dog house [MOL] right now, as I have been a hooligan and sneaking out of the house. Mom says, “The older I get, the bolder I get.” She and Dad and my beloved Allie are super disappointed in me. I have no excuse. I’m just being a stinker!)

Feline Friday with Cooper Murphy


Feline Friday


How do you like my peacock feather toupee? Mom and I were playing with one of the peacock feathers the Florida Furkids (Allie, Noelle and Raz) sent us for Christmas, and I got a little goofy.

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Feline Friday

Purrs and paw-pats, Cooper Murphy