Cat Scout Update

The biggest news from the world of Cat Scouts is that my friend Sammy and the leader of the Worldwide Wildcats Troop asked me to be Assistant Leader of the troop, and I agreed.

The most recent news is that I have joined the Patrol led by another good friend, Gracie. The Assistant Patrol Leader is a most pawsome scout, who just happens to be my girlfriend, the stunning, Allie. As of now the other members are Tubby, Socks and Andy. A budding romance may be in the works between Tubby and Gracie. I’ll keep y’all posted about that. I do not know as yet who the additional member(s) of our Patrol will be.

Recently I received my neckerchief, woggle (the leather slide to pull the neckerchief ends through) and my Bobcat pin. I have not been very cooperative about having my photo taken, but Mom finally got some okay shots today.



I have earned some additional Merit Badges as well. I received my Gift Wrapping, Holiday Foto Fun, Strollin’ and Boxing badges. I didn’t get this for going a couple of rounds with Calista Jo each day prior to breakfast or dinner but for enjoying the comfort of a cardboard container.

I am still ranked third on the Karma Scouts Leader Board with Sushi in first place and Raz in second. With these two troop mates  both receiving the honor of Cat Scout of the Year, it will be very difficult to catch or surpass them.

cat scouts merit badge holiday fun

cat scouts merit badge boxing








I thought it would be fun to show you a couple of photos of me strollin’. I struggled with the concept at first, but once we got going and I got comfortable, it was actually lots of fun.



If you haven’t visited in a while or didn’t notice, I have re-written the song, “Mr. Blue” for Allie. It is in our sidebar.

And finally, I wanted to share with you a really fun photo Denmaster did of me and my friends Sushi, Jake and Angel, singing Christmas Carols. I particularly like my hat. With the single digit temps on their way to SWVA, that suit, coat and scarf are really going to come in handy. Please try to stay warm if you are experiencing this blast of arctic air.


And don’t forget how much fun you could have if you joined Cat Scouts. We always have a Campfire going with scrumptious noms and warm drinks available.

Purrs, Bobcat Scout Mauricio