DSC00104So, the humans are still in Paris, and we are wondering how long it can take to see one city? Anyway I have been spending lots of time snoozing in sun-puddles on the heated kitchen floor as you can see from this photo.

But when I haven’t been doing that, I’ve been spending as much time as possible  with all my friends at Cat Scouts. This does, of course, include my girl friend Allie, which is an extra incentive to hang out with my troop, Worldwide Wildcats, as much as possible. Well, that turned out to be a pretty good idea on my part, as I was just named Cat Scout of the Week!

I think the pawrents are surprised that I am taking this new endeavor so seriously. But, I figure, it is never too late to improve yourself, especially as I have always been somewhat of a slacker.

I hope that some of my friends, who follow my sisters and I here on the blog, will think about joining me in Cat Scouts. We have oodles of merit badges for you to earn. Our Cardwood Derby is coming up and we have a Campfire where we can meet up with our pals. Both boy and girl cats are Welcome to join Cat Scouts. I have sent invitations to many of you, but I suppose they could have gotten lost in your mailboxes.

If you want to join or just get additional information, you can do so at

Now, if I could just get Mom to finish my Cat Scouts page for The Cat on My Head, I really would be a happy camper.

Purrs and hugs, Mauricio