Hi efurrybuddy. I hadn’t planned to report about my Cat Scout activities again before the new year, but then I got this great surprise.

Can you believe it? I was named Cat Scout of the Week for the second time. I didn’t even know that was pawsible! You could have knocked me over with a s’more when I found out.

And check out the cool new portrait Denmaster made for me with the Santa hat and red neckerchief. And the green border really makes my eyes pop, don’t you think? Just a reminder to all you lady-cats: My heart belongs to my sweet and beautiful girlfriend Allie.

campfire-carolsSince I last reported on my scouting activities, I “catified” the song “The 12 Days of Christmas.” It is now “The 12 Days of Catmess,” and it is printed in our sidebar. For that and singing with various other scouts, I earned my Campfire Carols Merit Badge. This badge was another that I suggested, like the Sing-A-Song badge, so I earned an additional 20 Karma points.


Here’s a snapshot of me singing with my troop mates, Gracie, Raz and girlfriend Allie. We were singing Allie’s “catified” rendition of “Santa Claus (Paws) is Coming to Town.”

cat scouts deck the halls merit badgeI also earned my Deck the Halls Merit Badge. This badge was suggested by my lovely Allie as well as another Worldwide Wildcat troop mate, Bubba.

Image 2-001This photo is one of three I posted to earn this badge. I was minding my own business and snoopervising Mom’s work when the camera appeared, taking me by surprise!

I have maintained my third place ranking on the Cat Scout Leader Board, partly by earning extra Karma points helping Denmaster compile our songs from the Sing-A-Song Merit Badge into a Songbook.

One of the most pawsome things to occur was the acceptance by my troop mates of my Worldwide Wildcat Anthem as the official anthem for our troop.

On my honor as a Cat Scout, I have promised my sisfurs, and I now make the same promise to our readers: I will not post any additional information about my achievements in Cat Scouts until 2014.

However, I do encourage any kitty who would like to make new friends, learn new skills and have lots of fun to visit and see what Cat Scouts is all about. You don’t need to have a blog to belong.

Purrs, hugs and a salute, Bobcat Mauricio