Mauricio has learned that being only one of six Cat Scouts holding the rank of Cougar brings with it the responsibility to do good deeds and set an excellent example for the other Scouts.

Scouts had been having trouble getting into the Cat Scout site and dealing with error messages, misdirected links and a server that was very, very slow. With Cat Scout membership growing, Denmaster made the decision to procure a dedicated server for Cat Scouts and build an entirely new site. The new site launched one week ago. All the problems with the old site have been eliminated, and according to Mauricio, the new site is very “Scouty” looking as well.

As Cat Scouts pay no dues or fees to participate, Mauricio wanted to do something to help Denmaster defray some of the cost for the new server and site. He decided to have a fundraiser at Cat Scouts and set up the Lemonade Stand and Bake Sale. That’s him manning the booth now. Scouts have been donating (virtual) scrumptious noms for the “sale,” and those same Scouts and others have been making pledges per item or outright donations.

If you are a Cat Scout and haven’t visited the new site, Mauricio encourages you to do so. And if you aren’t a Cat Scout yet, he recommends you check it out. It is a great place to make new furiends, learn new skills and eat lots of great noms, especially s’mores! To get there, click on the Lemonade Stand graphic.

The Lemonade Stand and Bake Sale close in three days. We’ll give an update with regard to Mauricio’s efforts sometime near the end of this week.

Wishing all our furiends a great week. It appears as if ours is going to be a rainy one.