I am taking over the blog today. Mom has been absolutely remiss in posting about my Cat Scout accomplishments. For COD’s sake, you would think she’d be proud of me and want to brag a little bit. But…NO!

She did report on me moving up in rank to Lion Scout but did not show you my pawsome new card. Raz, Gracie and I were the first Scouts to be purrmoted to Lion. Since then my best furiend and Worldwide Wildcats Troop Leader, Sammy, and my most beautiful girlfuriend and excellent Scout, Allie, have been purrmoted to Lion rank. I am so super purroud of both Allie and Sammy.

GEO-PHILIPPINES Cat Scout BadgeSince last reporting on any Cat Scout activities, I have traveled to the Philippines where our good furiend, Sushi, lives. Sushi, from Sushi’s Diary, unfortunately, had to resign from Scouts due to her mom’s health issues. This makes all of us very sad. She was the Scout who gave me my nickname of “Mau.” And along with Allie’s brofur, Raz, was Cat Scout of the Year for 2013. Please send purrs and prayers to her mom.

On the right is the cool badge I earned for pawticipating  in the trip to the Philippines.

And did my mom ever bother to give a final report about The Lemonade Stand fundraiser I held at Cat Scouts? I think not. But if she did, and I missed it, please accept my apologies. Thanks to the generosity of my Scout furiends, we raised $455 to help set up our new site. And the site is quite pawsome. If you are not a Cat Scout, I highly recommend you consider joining. If you join this week and decide to become a member of Troop Worldwide Wildcats, you can attend the Sock Hop we are having on Friday, July 11.

flag-day-plus1badgeOn Flag Day, I earned another Merit Badge. I had to post my photo with our American flag and give a report about  some fact pertinent to the flag. I reported on the Pledge of Allegiance. This is my cool Flag Day Badge.

Cat Scout Float PATROL SIGN Cat Scout 4th-july-purrade badgeWe’ve been doing tons of fun things since we have the new site. You already know about our Drive-in Movie night, and the 4th of July was amazing with lots of events. We had a purrade where the Patrols created and rode on floats. Allie and I, in our patriotic outfits, were right up front on the Wolverine float. This is the cool sign I created for our float, which had a zoo theme. And on the left is the badge I earned for taking part in the purrade.

We had lots of great noms as well as volleyball and corn hole games and, of course, lots of fireworks. Lisbeth had the opportunity to attend as well with my patrol mate and her furiend, Charles.

Cat Scouts badge-cake-walkOne of the main events was the Cake Walk that I organized and emceed. I even sang all the songs I used as music. So many generous Scouts contributed cakes for the event, and it was pretty successful. The Denmaster surprised us by creating a Cake Walk Badge for all those who pawticipated. That’s it on the right.

Cat Scout merit-badge-patriotAnd finally for all Scouts who earned the Flag Day Merit Badge and pawticipated in the event on Independence Day, we earned our Patriotic Merit Badge. I think it is one of the best badges ever as it has a kitty dressed like I did for the 4th of July festivities. Check it out on the left.

If you didn’t see me in my stars and stripes attire (and even if you did), you can click on SnapYeti to see me and “admire” me by giving me a thumbs up! Mom entered me in a contest for Patriotic Pets sponsored by

Now if I can only get her to transfer all my scouting achievements to the Cat Scout page she created for me, we can include it as part of our blog. I have my paws crossed she’ll do it sometime soon, but I am not holding my breath.

Wishing you a terrific week and sending purrs and prayers to Allie and Raz’s (and Ellie and Cubby‘s) dad to make a quick recovery from his recent surgery.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lion Cat Scout Mauricio (Mau)