If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it. If someone had told me about it, I would have called them a “big, fat liar, liar pants on fire!” I have no photographic proof of the event, so I may end up being called that same thing, but…

Lily Olivia after breakfast this morning.

Lily Olivia after breakfast this morning.

Early this morning, I woke up as Lily Olivia, who always sleeps in the center of the bed between her dad and me, walked across my body. She approached Calista Jo, who always sleeps next to me on the outer edge of the bed. Lily tentatively raised a paw and gently touched C.J. on her face. She then withdrew her paw and began washing Calista’s face. When she finished, she returned to her usual spot.

No hissing, growling or paw smacking occurred. Both kitties went back to sleep as did I, after I closed my gaping mouth.

What I witnessed was a MIRACLE of monumental proportion. Lily Olivia never has given any other kitty a bath or vice versa. Lily is and always has been the pariah of the family. There have been moments of camaraderie. One time I caught Lisbeth and Lily sleeping head-to-head. You can see photos in the post, “Conjoined Twins?”.

My logical self tells me I was either dreaming or hallucinating, Lily was sleep-bathing Calista or Calista was in a coma. How else could this have happened? Will it ever happen again? Again, the logical brain tells me, “NO!”

Calista after this morning's squirrel caper.

Calista after this morning’s squirrel caper.

Nor do I have photographic proof of what occurred later this morning. Somehow, a squirrel managed to find itself trapped on the catio with Lisbeth, Calista, Fiona and Giulietta. To be honest I didn’t even try to get a photo. I just wanted to rescue the poor squirrel before it became somebody’s second breakfast. It finally managed to escape, with Lisbeth in hot pursuit, after I opened the door to the grill area.

So right now, I am not very popular with the kids, but I did save myself from having to clean squirrel blood and guts off the deck floor. Another CATastrophe averted.

Of course, when the kitties’ dad returned home from an errand and heard the story, his response was, “What, no video?”

Monday has started off with more excitement than we normally have in one week, much less one day. It can only be dullsville from here. Not too dull I hope, as that will leave me with nothing amusing to tell you.

P.S. Don’t forget about the call for submissions for the upcoming book, A Letter to My Cat. All the information you need is on my previous post, which you can get to from the bottom of this page. Submissions close tomorrow, August 20.

P.P.S. My plan for this blog has always been to keep it clean and uncluttered. With this in mind, I have moved all awards and badges to a separate page. Anything the kitties and I are fortunate to receive in the future will be displayed in the sidebar for a month and then moved to the new page.