Sunday Selfies: Week #184

So…it seems the humans I live with think a cat, whom they perceive to have been naughty, is required to take the selfie. Purrsonally I have no idea what I did that could possibly be considered naughty. Did I hork in one of their shoes? NO! Did I steal another cat’s food? NO! How could I? Those same humans make me eat by myself. Did I pee or poop outside the litter box? NO! Did I scratch either of their faces? NO! Well, maybe just a couple of times. See…I have been a purrfect angel kitten. Don’t you agree?

For some stoopy reason, those same humans think that bolting out the front door, whenever I have the opportunity, and having a little adventure is naughty. I don’t have a clue what the problem is. Do you think it’s because I did it two days in a row? You know, I lived outside before they brought me into the house. I swear I can take care of myself. Regardless, I was forced to take the selfie today.


Naughty Sawyer is mad about having to take a selfie.


Can you tell I was not a happy kitten? The woman had the nerve to tell me I cut off part of my ear, thinking I would take another photo. Yeah, right NO! I could care less about a missing ear tip. The man was holding me when I took this, and I do not like to be held. The woman put that fancy confetti stuff around the edges of the photo to try to disguise my frown. Why bother? I was mad. I’m not embarrassed to show you.

Honoring and Remembering Sister Kit



Sister Kit from Brian’s Home received her wings and halo on February 10. Just three days previous, her brother, Brian, reported that she was having good and bad days, but with a change of diet, her glucose had been regulated and she hadn’t needed to start on insulin. She also had gained more than one pound. That sounded encouraging, so we were shocked to find out on February 10 that Dad Terry had to help her to the Bridge.

Each week a member of Brian’s large family joins us on the Selfies blog hop. So, as we have done with other regular hoppers, we are honoring Kit today. She and Lily Olivia were Crotchety Cougars together, so we hope that Lily Olivia and the other Cougars who have gone to the Bridge were there to greet her.

Rest in Peace Sister Kit. You were well loved and will be remembered forever.

Another Good-Bye

We learned today that handsome, five-and-a-half-year-old, black panfur, Puck, from Bad Cat Chris passed suddenly on Thursday after a very brief illness. If you have not had the opportunity to visit and leave your condolences, click on the link in the previous sentence. Rest in Peace Puck.


It’s time for you to share your selfie with us. And if you were mad, as I was, when you took it, forget about it. That’s our purrogative as kitties.

If you are new to hopping or to Sunday Selfies, here are some simple guidelines. If you are a regular, skip over this part.

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Purrs and paw-pats, Sawyer