Caturday Art

Cooper Murphy assumed his favorite position last night while Mau looked on wondering what kind of goof he has for a brother. If you cannot see Mau, he shows up better in the original photo, which is below.


Caturday Art - Lost in Space


I’m fairly certain Cooper Murphy was thinking about smacking Mau when this photo was snapped. I think Cooper looks as if he is floating on his back among the stars. What do you think?

To create today’s art, I started with the Street filter from Picas. Then I added the Space filter in the “hardlight” mode from PicMonkey. The geometric design around the edges is from piZap. The navy border was added using Picasa.

Here’s the original. You can see Mau’s profile on the right.


Caturday Art- CM original


Cooper Murphy and Mau are joining the Caturday Art blog hop at Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s blog. It’s super fun to use the free photo-editing apps on the internet to come up with interesting designs for your photos. Give it a try and join the hop or at least visit to find links to other masterpieces from your fellow bloggers. Click on Athena’s badge to do so.

Sunday Selfies Reminder

I am currently looking for a volunteer to be your host for Sunday Selfies tomorrow. None of the Kitties Blue are rushing to the front of the line in order to be selected. I hope you are not experiencing the same apathy at your house. Selfie participants love company, so I sincerely hope a critter from your house will come forward. Remember Sunday Selfies are not for just kitties. All anipals are welcome. Stop by tomorrow and make some new friends.