Sunday Selfies: Week #438


Portrait of a white and black, green-eyed cat wearing a purple, polka dotted collar and framed in purple!


Our lovely Lisbeth is getting really great at taking selfies. Did you know she had the very first selfie all those years ago? Here’s the link to that post: “Sunday Selfies Blog Hop.” She actually doesn’t show up on the blog too often, and when she does it is usually for a selfie. Otherwise she stays mostly to herself at the top of the dining room cat tree or on the dining room or upstair’s bedroom radiator. She does show up on the kitchen island for breakfast and lunch most days hopping to snag a morsel from Dad Tom or me. We constantly scold her and tell her to get down. She listens about half the time, but then is right back up again. When the meal is over, she will sit on my placemat and touch my cheek with her paw over and over again until I start giving her stitches. She’s pretty stubborn.

Anyhoo, she is looking forward to you joining her with your very own selfie. It’s always more fun to hop when friends join in.

Thank You

It seems that those e-mail post notifications are working again. The Kitties Blue are keeping their paws crossed that you, if subscribed, will continue to get those notifications. As this plug-in is working again, I will add a place to subscribe to posts back to our sidebar.

Once again we want to thank those of you who have stuck with us all these years and through this recent problem. If all goes well, we will get back to our usual posting schedule.

Have an easy Sunday!