Sunday Selfies: Week #489

Lisbeth is here today with the last selfie of the year and wishes everyone a Happy New Year.


The Cat on My Head New Year 2024: A tuxedo cat in a holiday frame with the words 2024 Happy New Year.


Did you know that Lisbeth was the host of the very first Sunday Selfies blog hop? It was on August 17, 2014, and she has definitely improved her selfie skills in the past nine-plus years. If you’d like to see her selfies from then, click on the post title, “Sunday Selfies Blog Hop.”

As you know, Lisbeth is a cat of few words. And it is time for her to head back to the top of the dining room cat tree, where she spends at least 2/3s of her time! So, before she signs off, she invites you join her on the hop.


All of us here at The Cat on My Head remind you, if you are heading out to celebrate this evening, please stay safe and be careful! We want to see you right here tomorrow for New Year’s Day 2024!

Thanks for being hoppers and friends!