An Unexpected Occurrence


cat conquered fear: Tuxedo cat looking pensive trying to decide if she should jump on bed.

Lisbeth contemplates if she should take that leap of faith to the bed.


It has taken four years but Lisbeth has finally conquered her fear. She entered the bedroom by more than just a few feet. When I invited her to get up on the bed, she hesitated. But then she finally took the leap. I was flabbergasted. She didn’t stay long but still managed to investigate every part of the bed.

Until we moved into the new addition, Lisbeth always slept on our bed at night (often under the covers). Though the bed is already crowded, my wish is that she’ll be brave enough to return and maybe even decide to sleep with us.

The dynamics among the kitties continue to change with the absence of Misty May. I don’t know what the future holds, as we embark on this new adventure. But, you can be certain, I’ll keep you all posted.

Caturday Art

I used one of the photos I took of Lisbeth exploring the bed for today’s art project.


cat conquered fear: Tuxedo cat on a bed with a dresser and wall art in the background in rainbow-colored art and frame.


I realize Lisbeth is only a small part of this photo, but I decided not to crop it down too much, as it has so many interesting shapes and colors. The effect is Mixed Berry from Painnt with a slight change of hue and bump in contrast. To that I added the Flux filter from piZap at 100 percent. The rainbow frame is from the favpng app.

I am quite pleased with this and hope you like it as well.

Of course, I also created a puzzle.

preview120pieceRainbow Tuxie Cat
Lisbeth will be dropping in on Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty for her Caturday Art blog hop. If you would like to participate, click on Athena’s badge.

Sunday Selfies Reminder

It’s time again to start thinking about getting your selfie snapped for tomorrow. We will be presenting the second in our series of Kitties Blues’ new portraits. I think I know who will be serving as your host, but it’s not a done deal yet. So, as usual, that means you will need to show up in order to find out. And, you know, you don’t want to let all your friends down by not sharing a selfie. So, get a good nap or two or twelve today, so you can look fresh for your photo, and Kitties Blue and I will look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Thanks for joining us today.