Now this truly and honestly sucks. Here I am having a milestone birthday and having to write my own post. The petretary remains sick. Though her sidekick is a bit improved, he too is not up to his usual usefulness. And then, there’s the fact, that he’s not the one who publishes this blog. MOUSES!

Without further preamble…

Happy birthday to ME

Happy birthday to ME

Happy 18th birthday, Lily Olivia

Happy birthday to ME!


I did receive some very lovely cards from friends. This first one is from Angel Sammy and his new little brother, Teddy.


Lily Olivia's 18th birthday


Wow, I look pretty good for an old gal. What do you think? Am I fishing for complements? Darn right, I am!

The next two cards are from those delightful and always thoughtful Siameezers, Pipo and Minko. They said they couldn’t decide which card they like best, so they sent both.  At my age, a kitty never knows when it might be her last birthday, so I say, “The more cards, the better the birthday!”


Lily Olivia's 18th birthday

Lily Olivia's 18th birthday


With the sickos here, I doubt we’ll be doing much for my birthday, but Mauricio did make me a cake at his Cat Scout Bake Shop.


Lily Olivia's 18th birthday


And we have some nip and nipagne, so please help yourselves.













Mom claims that I am getting a really great gift today. I did see a huge box arrive a few days ago, but I’m not holding my breath. I think the box is for Mauricio’s Cat Scout Cardwood Derby car. Time will tell, and you know I’ll tell all in a future post.

Thanks for hopping by to celebrate with me.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia

p.s. I don’t know what this voting stuff is about, but whatever it is, I am sure we cats could do a lot better job at it than our humans.

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