Lily Olivia has catitude.Today, we have been challenged by are good pal, Sammy, to write a poem for the prompt letter “L” for Thoroughly Poetic Thursday. Though we have one angel cat with an “L” name, Louise, and two current kitties with “L” names, Lily Olivia and Lisbeth, it was a sure bet we were going to pick the feisty Lily Olivia. After all she is in charge around here.

We suspect most of our friends will be writing about their love for their pet, but if you’d put money down on us to do that, you’d lose big. So here’s our poem for the lovely (that’s as close as we are going to get to the “L” word) Lily, but don’t be fooled, she can smack you silly. (Whoa, haven’t even started yet and already rhyming!)


 Lily Olivia Has Catitude

Lily Olivia is a calico with lots of catitude.
It’s best to steer clear when she’s in a bad mood,
As that cat can be nasty and downright rude.
She’ll be silently planning to make you cry,
As she gives you a startlingly scary stink-eye.
It’s her warning that you should just say, “bye-bye.”
She can lure you in by looking lovey and sweet
But don’t be fooled, she thinks of you only as meat
And views you as her personal tantalizing treat.
She’s bamboozled us all time and again
Making nice and acting like our long-lost friend,
But very soon ourselves we are forced to defend.
She can smack you faster than you can blink
And sit laughing as you make a dash for the sink
To wash away the blood drawn, as quick as a wink.
But it’s only sport and really nothing to fear;
She just wants to see that one little tear.
Then she’ll return to her nap without even a cheer.
So if you come to visit remember this rule:
Lily may appear sweet but is nobody’s fool!
So just walk away and pretend to be cool.

We are fairly certain you all know that Lily is well loved. She wouldn’t still be with us after 17 years if she wasn’t. However, she can be a total stinker. There have been moments through the years when we thought she was mellowing, but then she’d always go back to her usual bitchiness. When she was very young, she looked at me one time with pure evil in her eyes, and she truly frightened me.

Lily Olivia has a super short fuse and can strike out with no warning. If she gets the chance, she’ll always go for the face! But please do not judge her too harshly. It would hurt her feelings and ours.


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