It has turned colder than usual here for early autumn. Consequently, my lap has become the prime, most-desired kitty napping spot. I am not complaining as their little, hot bodies are keeping me as warm as I am keeping them. Yesterday my lap saw more than the usual activity. Astrid, Fiona, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio and Calista Jo took turns burrowing in for snoozes. Lily Olivia was the only one who stayed awake long enough and was agreeable to taking some Sunday Selfies. She has taken better ones, but the light was all wrong. We had a large window behind us and a light directly over our heads.

Of course, being the professional she is, she snapped a large number from various angles. These were the most interesting of the lot. And since the photos themselves would otherwise qualify as photo fails, I turned them into an arty collage with the hope of distracting you all from the fuzzy quality.


Fuzzy Lily Olivia Sunday Selfies abstract collage


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