Like tumbleweeds rolling across the desert, cat fur swirls around our house. When a door is opened, the breeze picks up those wispy strands and floats them throughout the house until they come to rest on every conceivable surface. Whenever friends visit, I am always embarrassed to see what the back of their trousers or skirts look like when they leave the house. Well no more, thanks to Lilly Brush.

When Lilly Brush contacted me and asked if I would like to try their product, Be Forever Furless, and review it on the blog, I couldn’t type fast enough to send them my reply of: “Yes, how soon can you get it here?”

Lilly Brush

Calista Jo occupies a kitchen chair.

Lilly Brush claims that their product removes pet fur from all fabric, natural and synthetic. And it did just that when I tried it. I used it on the upholstered seats of our kitchen chairs, which are always occupied by cats as well as a cushy layer of their lost furs.

Lilly Brush recommends dampening the bristles slightly, tapping off excess water and then rubbing the brush briskly over the item to be “defurred.” To be honest, I tried it dry and dampened. I think it worked quite well either way, but the fur is more easily removed from the brush when it has been dampened. The fur collects on the surface of the brush’s bristles as seen in the photos.


Lily Brush

After use on a kitchen chair.


I used it on the carpet as well, but I was most happy with the job it did on the cat tower in the kitchen. Lisbeth was very happy with the result as well.


Lilly Brush

Lisbeth, Be Forever Furless brush and a clean pedestal.


The fur is easily pulled off the bristles for disposal. Lilly Brush suggests occasionally cleaning the Be Forever Furless with water and light soap. I haven’t needed to do this yet.

Do I recommend this product? I sure do. It beats dragging the vacuum out of the closet, and it does as advertised…easily remove pet fur from fabric.

If you would like the opportunity to try it for yourself, please leave a comment on this blog prior to 5 p.m. EST, Sunday, February 1. A winner of one Lily Brush Be Forever Furless will be selected using and announced a week from today.

If you don’t want to wait to see if you win, you can order your very own Lilly Brush Be Forever Furless from a variety of retailers, ranging in cost from $14.99 through $19.95. Lilly Brush also makes the product, Save Our Sweaters.

Disclaimer: We received no monetary compensation for our review. We did receive two Lilly Brush Be Forever Furless, one for our use and one to give away to a reader. All opinions and recommendations are strictly our own.