Daddy’s Home

After nearly three weeks away, Kitties Blue dad has returned from the World University Games in Korea. Seven of the gang came to greet him in the foyer when he arrived. Lisbeth was the holdout. After getting only about six hours of sleep in the past 48 hours, he was quick to turn in for the night. No one could be happier than Daddy’s Girl, Misty May. It took her no time to take up her rightful place atop him.


Daddy's Girl

Daddy's Girl


Now that looks like a satisfied cat. She’ll be back on my head when the lights go out, but until then she’s a happy camper!

And her daddy is happy to be home with her and all his other kitties. He didn’t see even one cat while he was in Korea. I’d really hoped to have some photos of Korean kitties to share with you on the blog. Since I don’t have that, here’s a photo of the kitties’ daddy in his official garb for the games.


Daddy's Girl


That’s Dad Tom in the center with the two referees from the USA: Kevin Wendelboe (left) and Brian Hemelgarn (right). They are all looking pretty in pink.

Kitties Blue are not the only ones who are happy to have Dad Tom home. I’ll be so grateful to have help with all the cat-related jobs: scooping litter boxes, feeding, filling the bird feeders and letting the gang out and in and out and in and out…well you get the idea!