In this photo, C.J. had her eyes on the feather wand toy, but I thought she appeared to be dancing as the toy was not in the photo. To create the art, I used the watercolor photo effect from Picture to People. I then added two multi-colored borders from Photo Face Fun.  Finally, I added the hot pink and teal frame using Picasa. dance

This is the original photo of Calista Jo.

We are joining Athena and Marie’s Caturday Art Blog Hop. This is one of my favorite blog hops as I get to explore my creativity. I have no natural ability to draw or paint, but with the variety of free photo-editing programs available on line, I am able to create interesting “arty” effects. I invite you to give it a try. You can join and/or view the other submissions by clicking on Athena and Marie’s badge.

A Special Heads-Up for Tomorrow’s Sunday Selfies Blog Hop

Cat4-001Monday the 17th, Kitties Blue will be celebrating Astrid and Lisbeth’s fourth birthdays. As we do not regularly post on Mondays, Astrid and Lisbeth will be your hosts on Sunday for a birthday celebration/blog hop. We think it would be fun if you’d like to add some festive decorations to your selfie. Of course, this is not a requirement to join the blog hop. We look forward to lots of you joining us as we begin year two of our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop and wish a Happy Birthday to Lisbeth and Astrid.

They Call Me Destiny Giveaway

For an opportunity to win a copy of the delightful book chronicling the first year in the life of Destiny the cat, click here to leave a comment on our post, “They Call Me Destiny Book Review and Giveaway.”

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