Mom ordered us (Lisbeth and Astrid) a birthday gift that was supposed to arrive here on August 25. We waited and waited all day by the front door, but it never arrived that day or the next or even the next! Mom kept checking on-line for us to see what was happening. Finally she found that it had been shipped many days after originally scheduled.

She ordered our gift from Wayfair. The cost was slightly more than Amazon, but the shipping was free. Amazon Prime was not available. That’s the first time she used Wayfair. She is not giving them a top rating due to lack of communication and not shipping when promised.

So are you curious to know what we got? Though new, it’s not something we didn’t previously have. In fact, you can see the original in the collage below along with the replacement.



Clockwise from upper left: Lisbeth guarding tree box waiting for it to be opened; new tree/condo after being assembled; old tree at the curb; Lisbeth bunny-kicking the perch; Lisbeth lounging in the condo section; Lisbeth relaxing.


Yep, we got a new cat tree/condo to replace the one from the catio. We’d had it a very long time. It had gotten wet more than a few times and then the resident, night-maurading raccoon got his teeth and claws into it. It was “toast” after that!

This new tree is identical to the old one as Mom knew how much we loved that one, and she was always impressed by its sturdiness.

After she and Dad put it together, Mom covered the shelves in that primo Kitty Kush ground catnip. It didn’t take but a nanosecond for several of us to investigate. In all fairness to us birthday girls, we are only sharing photos of Lisbeth. Astrid has yet to discover the new cat furniture as she didn’t go on the catio yesterday.

We’d all been missing the old tree/condo since it went to the curb a few weeks ago, so we give Mom 32 paws up for replacing it. Once again we must say, “Best birthday ever!” We are wondering what gift the humans are going to get to top this when Mauricio and Misty May turn 11 in a few weeks. They will try to top themselves, won’t they?

Purrs and paw-pats, Lisbeth and Astrid